Women in Leadership: Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders

Leadership has nothing to do with gender. As the adage goes, ‘Leaders are born, not made.’ It means that leaders are naturally born with the prerequisite traits and qualities. Although most leaders in business and other sectors are men, studies have shown that women in leadership perform better. However, the scenario is changing as more women show exceptional leadership skills in various fields worldwide.

Despite having more leadership traits and qualities, women are not encouraged to become leaders. This is why their numbers are low compared to male leaders. For example, around 15% of the CEOs in Fortune 500 companies are women. The number of women in leadership will be much higher in the coming time as more woman are showing interests in leadership.

Why Is It Vital to Have Women in Leadership?

A report conducted by McKinsey & Company has shown that greater gender diversity in senior executives directly contributes to higher performance. Revenue has increased 3.5% for every 10% increase in gender diversity in senior executives. This clearly shows the impact of women leadership on business success. 

Women in leadership certainly offer a different set of capabilities, skills, and imaginative perspectives. They also bring cultural and structural differences that eventually promote effective solutions. Thus, women’s transformational leadership proves to be a complete package in this regard. These qualities are less likely to be seen in men. 

12 Reasons Why Women in Leadership Are Great

In this present age, women compete with men on equal foot. They are stepping up in every professional field and sector and proving their worth. The potential of women still needs to be fully understood. Once they are given proper chances and encouraged to explore their abilities fully, they are highly likely to outshine their male counterparts. Let’s explore some of the essential reasons they are great in women leadership. 

1. They Can Maintain Work-Life Balance

Women are best at maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal life. Despite running a business or multiple businesses, many women manage their homes perfectly. 

They are better at handling sensitive questions or personal requests from their employees or family members. Women are working more proactively to ensure results and growth. These qualities are the main traits that make women in leadership shine better than males.

2. They Are More Empathetic

It is like women to be more empathetic as compared to males. The presence of mother instinct helps them to show more empathy towards others. It thus helps them to judge a situation better and make the right-informed decisions to solve a problem. The leadership of women greatly helps a business grow in the best way possible.

Being empathetic pays off while running a business. They can better understand and promptly address the pain points of employees and workers. Not to mention, the employees also put 100% into the company in return. This quality of being empathetic proves to be effective and beneficial in the long run. 

3. More Free Thinking

Women are less authoritative and controlling of their employees and workers than their male counterparts. Most of them do not believe in command-and-control leadership. They promote free thinking in an organization which directly benefits them.

Due to this liberty of thinking freely, employees think outside the box and perform better. Their performance dramatically increases, which directly benefits their business and company. Women and leadership thus go hand in hand.

4. They Paint the Future

Women in leadership always envision the future of a business beforehand. Once they are given high-profile roles and responsibilities, they push beyond their skills and capabilities. They always strive to break their own barriers, keeping the future of the business in mind. This immensely helps them succeed in their specific roles.

According to a 2019 study, the number of women in senior management worldwide has grown by 29%. This number remained constant in 2020 due to COVID-19, but it again rose to 31% in 2021. These statistics show the capabilities of women in leadership.

5. Unique Transitional Ideas

A meta-analysis comparing men and women has shown that women tend to bring more transformational ideas to the table. On the other hand, women also exhibit more contingent reward behavior than men. This quality helps women to solve different business challenges effortlessly. 

Women’s transformational leadership style creates personal and social identification. It also builds on goals and missions set out by organizations and leadership. It indicates the role and charisma of women in leadership to drive the growth of a business and organization.

6. Enhancing Team Work

Apart from demonstrating enthusiasm, passion, and skills to take command of a situation, women in leadership also promote teamwork in an organization. This is because they truly understand the value and significance of teamwork. The collective effort and endeavor can move a mountain, after all. 

They do not step back from making wise and bold decisions as leaders. They work to make a team environment more cooperative and less authoritative. This makes them a family and creates a strong bond. It increases teamwork across the organization and implements a healthy culture. 

7. Superior Leadership Values

According to a national survey by the Pew Research Center Social and Demographics Trends, adult women tend to have superior leadership values compared to men. In seven primary leadership traits, women are shown to be either better or equal.

The report has shown that women in leadership are considered to be more honest than men. In terms of intelligence, women are also shown to be smarter in vital aspects of business. On the other hand, women also tend to be more creative, outgoing, and compassionate. All these positive traits and qualities positively contribute to the growth of their businesses. This is why they tend to be better in leadership. 

8. More New Outlooks and Fresh Perspective

Women are also known to have fresher perspectives and new outlooks on business decisions. This directly contributes to adding much-needed creativity and innovation to the business. Males are also supposed to have this quality, but the percentage is shown to be lower. Women in leadership bring innovative ideas, skills, and different perspectives to the table. 

When these three qualities combine, they create magic that drives business growth. It also helps build a diverse workforce and a good work culture. As a result, women are better at making informed decisions from their innovative perspective. They can better help others understand their viewpoint to do better business. This is the whole point of being the leader of an organization. 

9. They Provide Better Mentorship

The power of mentorship cannot be understated, as the younger generation always looks up to mentors for necessary inspiration. Women are better at providing mentorship to rising talents and coaching young talent. In this aspect, women in leadership are considered better than men for obvious reasons. 

Women in leadership do what is necessary to provide better mentorship. This brings positive results and outcomes from a business perspective, directly contributing to the rising growth of a business and organization. 

10. They are Great at Multitasking

It is a proven fact that women are far better at multitasking than men. This comes naturally to women. After becoming mothers, all women excel at this skill. Women in leadership thus have a better ability to make essential business decisions.

Their inherent ability and trait to quickly respond to different tasks simultaneously ensure the growth of a business. Multitasking is a critical skill for individuals in executive positions in an organization, as they need to take care of many things. Women’s great multitasking immensely helps them become successful in running a business. This is one of the most important reasons women in leadership are amazing. 

11. Strong Communicators

Women are considered to be strong communicators in the business sphere. Communication is said to be one of a woman’s strongest suits. They use this skill very effectively while running a business.

Whether it is about communicating with their business partners, co-workers, or employers, articulate communication helps them convey their message very well. Being able to speak openly, clearly, and regularly directly contributes to the success and growth of their business. 

12. They Dream Big

Having a big dream is one of the primary premises for becoming a successful businessman. Women in leadership are perfect at this. Their innate ability to dream big immensely helps them in running their businesses and becoming successful at them. 

Due to their big dreams, women in leadership overcome all the challenges and motivate their teams to put in the right effort to bring results to the table. The results are positive and significant from a business perspective.

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Women in leadership have all the required qualities to become successful in business. However, despite having traits like good communication skills, multitasking abilities, and superior leadership values, women are not much encouraged to show their leadership. But the picture is changing, with more women coming forward to show their business leadership skills. No wonder a new woman entrepreneur is rising out there each day.