Top 4 Power Banks in 2024: Keeping Your Devices Charged

A top-notch power bank offers peace of mind in addition to batteries. By including every power bank on this list, we make it simple to find a fantastic, reasonably priced one that will last you the entire day—or maybe even longer. Continue reading for our picks on the best power banks of 2024.

While wireless charging is more about convenience than speed, some of our best wireless power banks still need to be faster to charge. We have only listed cable power banks that can charge at newer speeds.

Be bold and use MagSafe-compatible power packs even if you don’t own an Apple iPhone. Some cases are compatible with MagSafe for most phones made by Samsung, Google, and other companies, allowing you to utilize MagSafe batteries for charging and other MagSafe accessories.

Essential Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Power Bank

Power banks provide a handy way to quickly charge electronics while on the road, keeping you connected wherever and whenever needed. You can choose the best power banks to meet your needs with our carefully curated list of suggestions. It features a range of capacities and fast charging capabilities.

The capacity of a power bank, which is indicated by its mAh rating, means the amount of charge it can hold. Select a capacity based on the devices you intend to charge and the frequency of recharging.

Consider the power bank’s output port count and variety. Choose a power bank with the appropriate ports (USB-A, USB-C, etc.) to fit your devices’ needs.

Verify that your charging cords are compatible with the power bank’s input ports. Certain power banks have fast charging capabilities, which allow for faster recharge.

Consider the power bank’s dimensions and weight if portability is your priority. Though they might not hold as much, smaller, lighter power banks are easier to take about.

Search for a power bank that offers fast charging capabilities to swiftly replenish your gadgets. Certain power banks also feature pass-through charging. It lets you charge the power bank and any connected devices simultaneously.

Consider the power bank’s construction and longevity, particularly if you intend to use it outside or in harsh conditions.

The power bank has built-in safety features, including short-circuit, overcurrent, and overcharge protection, to secure your devices and guarantee user safety.

A dependable power bank from our collection ensures you won’t run out of battery when you need it most, whether traveling, working, or just out and about. Why then wait? Obtain yours now to keep mobile and energized.

Top 4 Power Banks in 2024 Available

Complete reviews of each of the top power banks 2024 on our list can be found below. We’ve put each one through a rigorous testing process, so you know our recommendations are trustworthy.

1. Anker 733 Power Bank

It is not be the most feature-rich or powerful power bank on this list. But the Anker 733 is still the finest all-around power bank to have with you if you frequently charge numerous devices, regardless of what those devices are. It is truly miraculous. It can power a Chromebook or tiny laptop such as a Macbook Air, whether or not it is plugged into the wall, and it can charge an iPhone 15 at full 20W speed.

The 10,000 mAh battery within the Anker 733 must be sufficient to charge an iPhone 15 twice fully. The Anker 733 has two USB-C ports, which can charge a power bank to 65W when plugged into a wall outlet or 30W when the battery is the only power source. In addition, a USB-A connector is provided for older devices. The Anker 733 can charge its battery by connecting it to the wall or USB-C connections.

2. Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank

Those who genuinely adore power banks should check out the Anker Prime line, which includes the Anker Prime 20,000mAh Power Bank (200W) and the Anker Prime 27,650mAh Power Bank (250W). If that’s what you were searching for, this is the best power bank we’ve tried.

Let’s begin with the raw power first. With two USB-C ports providing 140W of power and a total battery pack capacity of 250W split between the USB-C and one USB-A port, the large Anker Prime can power a MacBook Pro or any other large laptop. Additionally, you can use both USB-C connections to charge the Anker Prime simultaneously for a total recharging rate of up to 170W.

3. Baseus Magnetic Foldable Power Bank

Although several wireless power bank solutions are available, the Baseus Magnetic Foldable Power Bank caught my attention due to its exceptionally powerful magnet. Compared to this Baseus power bank, the certified Apple MagSafe battery pack has a far weaker magnetic attraction. My phone’s Apple battery occasionally slid off, but the Baseus Magnetic power bank held strong without causing me as much anxiety.

According to the business, the Baseus Magnetic power bank can only charge an iPhone at 7.5W, half the MagSafe iPhone’s wattage. This means that it cannot charge an iPhone extremely quickly. If you need a speed boost, the Baseus Magnetic power bank features a USB-C port and can charge up to 20W. It is faster than magnetic charging if you need to charge more than just your smartphone.

4. UGreen 145W Power Bank

As the name implies, Ugreen’s new charger has a 25,000-mAh battery and a 145-watt output. For the power it offers, it’s remarkably small, though at 1.1 pounds, it’s not ultralight. One USB-A port and two USB-C ports are present. The Ugreen is unique because it can genuinely pull 145 watts when charging. That equates to 45 W for the other USB-C port and 100 W for the first.

This power bank is perfect for those who wish to charge quickly. The battery’s current charge level is displayed on a tiny LED readout. If you need to keep your laptop charged wherever you are, this is an excellent choice, though we would have preferred to see some charging information on that screen as well.

There is one USB-A port and two USB-C ports. It can charge a laptop once or most phones approximately five times.


Never again let a dead battery ruin a trip! No matter where your travels take you, you can stay connected and powered with the top power banks in 2024. There is a power bank to meet every traveler’s demands, whether they like the powerful performance of the Anker Prime 27,650mAh or the ultra-compact design of the Anker PowerCore 5000. On your trips, bid adieu to low battery anxiety and hello to limitless power!