The Best VPN for Ukraine in 2024

VPNs route a device’s incoming and outgoing traffic over an encrypted tunnel. Although the procedure seems simple, it is sophisticated and effective. Your data is encrypted so that no one can see your actions.

It protects you against your ISP, the government, and cybercriminals. They cannot follow your digital activities or create a digital fingerprint for you. A VPN will also allow you to access inaccessible websites due to geographical limitations. Even in the most oppressive digital environments, such as China, Iran, and other nations, the best VPNs will allow you to enjoy a “normal” online experience.

This post will show you a selection of the industry’s best VPN services you may use from Ukraine or as if you were in Ukraine but were somewhere else. These VPNs have large networks with a diverse set of servers. They will also provide you with a Ukrainian IP address regardless of location.

How We Picked Our Top VPNs for Ukraine?

The crowded VPN market and its advertisements make you believe that any service can be good enough to top the sector. Take only some of what you read at face value. As is typical in every market, a few items are at the top of the curve, while the majority are ordinary and a few are terrible.

So, what characteristics distinguish an ideal VPN service for usage in Ukraine in 2024?

We used the following criteria to choose our top options:

  • A large VPN network has several servers located worldwide. Nodes in Ukraine are a huge benefit.
  • This VPN server can unblock the most popular video streaming services.
  • BitTorrent and peer-to-peer networks are supported.
  • Allows many concurrent VPN connections with a single account.
  • Customer service is outstanding.
  • Safeguards user privacy by adhering to a stringent zero-logs policy.
  • Offers programs and software clients for the most popular mobile and desktop operating systems.

Best Premier VPN Services for Ukraine

We will thoroughly review our top picks in the following paragraphs. But if you want the gist of it, here’s our fast rundown.

1. ExtremeVPN is our first choice. It provides speed, privacy, security, and everything else you’d expect from the greatest VPN service.

2. ExpressVPN: By far the largest VPN network on the market. A good privacy policy and the most user-friendly VPN applications create a case for PIA.

3. NordVPN is a close second option at the top of its field. It’s a fantastic VPN for any work, and the Ukrainian use case is no exception.

Now that you understand how to find the­ best VPN providers in Ukraine, how do you choose­ the best VPN? You don’t have to spend your life researching. Our team has done the work to save you time and hassle. Here’s our list of trustworthy VPN se­rvices that meet different requirements.

1. ExtremeVPN

Extreme­ VPN offers more than 6,500+ serve­rs spanning across 78+ countries. With its robust 256-bit encryption, your online data re­mains protected while e­njoying fast internet spee­ds. To ensure added se­curity, This VPN also provides a kill switch fe­ature. It allows you to browse the we­b confidently, knowing that your privacy is safeguarde­d.

Customers have­ the option to choose from differe­nt pricing plans: a monthly plan for $10.59 per month, a six-month plan for $5.15 per month, or a twelve­-month plan for $3.29 per month. These plans also come­ with various discounts.


  • Capability to obtain information
  • It has networks in 78+ countries and about 6500+ servers worldwide
  • Enhancing Security Features
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices


  • It lacks a specific IP address
  • It has only compatible apps for Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS

2. ExpressVPN

The server network covers more than 94 countries and includes over 3000 servers, some in Ukraine, so you have complete control over your bandwidth. Furthermore, ExpressVPN is one of the finest VPNs for unblocking video streaming services, such as HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix, and all operate effectively with ExpressVPN.

This VPN also excels in privacy and security, employing the military-grade AES-256 encryption standard. Furthermore, the applications contain a kill switch (Network Lock) to protect against every known type of IP leak. In other words, even if your connection to the VPN server is lost, you will never send an unencrypted data packet to the internet or expose your true IP address.


  • It helps access geo-restricted streaming sites
  • Unblocks Ukrainian material in other countries
  • A massive server network


  • Headquarters are in the United States 5-Eyes area

3. NordVPN

A strong VPN service that provides customers with incredible privacy control features, optimized servers, and quick connections, making it a reliable VPN for Ukraine and related nations.

The network consists of 5,000+ servers spread around the globe, each with its own set of specialized servers capable of managing multiple connections, BitTorrent traffic, Onion over VPN, static IPs, and more. Furthermore, roughly 20 servers are located within Ukrainian territory, allowing you to obtain a Ukrainian IP address if that is what you want from the VPN.


  • Servers with high speed and stability
  • Excellent unblocking ability
  • Service continuity within Ukraine’s borders


  • It might take some time to connect.

How to Select the Best Ukraine VPN Service?

There are a few common rules for comparing various VPNs. A feature is only helpful if it assists you in achieving a specific objective. Your goal is essential in determining the quality of a VPN.

We searched the market for the best VPNs for Ukrainian travelers and residents, looking for services that could fulfill the most vital jobs to the highest standards. We do this to ensure our top five selections meet your needs and desires.

  • A Vast Network of Servers: When choosing a VPN server, you want one physically close to you for a strong and fast connection. Alternatively, you may desire a single-nation server to connect to its local internet. As a result, a VPN network that meets these goals must be large, fast, and dependable.
  • Speed: You want things to be fast when you’re online. Using a VPNmight slow your internet because of security and rerouting, but good VPNs make sure your speed stays good unless you check it.
  • Data Protection: Online privacy and security are always crucial considerations. And when you live in a nation with a questionable record on free speech concerns, they become even more important since voicing the wrong thought might put you in significant danger. As a result, a reliable VPN in Ukraine must ensure that no third party learns anything about your online activities.
  • Flexibility: Specialized VPNs exclusively focus on a specific duty in the market. However, the items on our list can accomplish anything regarding efficiency, security, and privacy.
  • Simplicity for Users: VPNs are not only for te­chnology lovers; they are vital for anyone­ worried about protecting their pe­rsonal information and keeping their online­ activities private. They should be e­asy to use, not a technical puzzle, but a fast and easy experience.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN in Ukraine?

Ukraine is experiencing a difficult time. If you visit there, you must exercise extra caution since you never know how much you may pay for a mistake.

Moreover, even during normal times, Ukraine was hardly the world’s most free-speech-friendly country. The Ukrainian government has banned Thousands of websites, notably those associated with Russian oligarchs, Russian propaganda, or denial of Russian aggression in Ukraine. In addition to political and military antagonism, gambling and pornographic websites are frequently restricted. Additionally, the local government’s policy allows for banning any foreign website at any moment.

As a result, civilians, journalists, activists, and anyone performing sensitive work that the government deems “fishy” face substantial dangers that require a VPN. Right now, things are considerably worse. Even if peace returns to the region, a period of political tension is likely to follow. Staying safe is more crucial than ever in such an atmosphere, so having a reliable VPN service is more critical than ever.

Remember that your privacy risks will not result in a fine under the present Ukrainian context. On the contrary, death is inevitable, and a few dollars is a small price to assure your safety.


If you’ve read any of the articles on our page, you’ve undoubtedly seen that we recommend VPNs as a must-have tool for any internet user nowadays. Protecting your digital safety, privacy, and anonymity is a matter of principle. You must be able to do so at all times, even in the most secure setting. So, how important is ensuring your safety when working in a hazardous environment where a security mistake could result in greater consequences than just a fine?

So, if having a reliable VPN is a must, being in Ukraine is a matter of life and death. When remaining safe and staying alive become interchangeable, no expense is too great to assure security. As a result, if you do business with Ukraine, you need to have a quality VPN provider.


In Ukraine, should I use a free VPN?

In Ukraine, it’s be­st to use a good Virtual Private Network (VPN) that you pay for. Fre­e VPNs are not recomme­nded because the­y often don’t work well and might not protect your privacy. Some­ of them even gathe­r and sell your personal information, which is a major security conce­rn. So, it’s better to avoid free­ VPNs to stay safe in Ukraine­.

Why do I require a VPN in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, certain websites go against the government’s view and are blocked. The government can arrest or jail people for what they say online. You will need a foreign passport to protect you. Using a VPN lets you chat freely in Ukraine.

Can I access my regular Netflix catalog while in Ukraine?

You can only access the Ukrainian catalog if you connect to Netflix while in Ukraine. To watch US Netflix in Ukraine as a US resident, use a top-tier VPN with a US server. With one of the VPNs we recommend, you can access all of Netflix’s content in Ukraine.

How can I obtain a Ukrainian IP address?

First, create an account with a VPN service that has servers in Ukraine. Then, connect to the VPN and select a Ukrainian server to connect to the network.

Is it legal to use a VPN in Ukraine?

They are, indeed. Using a VPN within Ukraine will result in no legal issues.