Pixel Watch 3: What’s Next in Google’s Wearable Lineup

Despite a few technical issues, the second-generation Google Pixel Watch was a major improvement over the first one. It was a much better smartwatch than its predecessor since it addressed many problems with the previous model. Google’s Pixel Watch 3 is expected to be released this year. A few months remain until the actual announcement. But there are already a few subjects we can talk about. This is what we currently understand!

Google’s New Wearable: What to Expect

Recently, a filing on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was discovered, suggesting that Google is developing a new WearOS wristwatch, model number G4SKY. The piece does not explicitly state that it’s a smartwatch. Nonetheless, the instructions included for examining the “FCC E-label” strongly suggest that it is a wearable. It probably differs from the Pixel Watch 3, so don’t get too excited about it.

The release of the Pixel watch 3 is planned for October. At the latest, the next generation wearable’s FCC listing is expected to be released in the summer. Second, it isn’t compatible with ultra-wideband (UWB), a connectivity standard that would enable more accurate and speedy unlocking.

Key Features and Speculations

The feature was made public early in March after 9To5Google dug into the Android source code. Bluetooth will continue to function since not all parts of the world can use UWB. According to the news source, the mystery tablet will also feature LTE connectivity, meaning it won’t be some other Google hardware like the Pixel Tablet 2.

What if it’s not the Pixel Watch 3? According to the publication, we may be looking at the latest mid-range wearable from the tech giant, which they call the Pixel Watch 2a. Subsequent research reveals that the smartwatch will only exist in one variation and will only have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LTE connections.

When will the Google Pixel Watch 3 Launch?

Despite entering the smartwatch market somewhat late, the Pixel WTheable release schedule.

The Google Pixel Watch was released in October 2023. And October 2023 saw the release of the Pixel Watch 2. With the debut of both Pixel Watches came the most recent Google Pixel flagship phones.

It’s reasonable to assume that the Pixel Watch 3 release date will be in October 2024. The Google Pixel 9 series may include the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro and current rumorsrice assumptions.

There are currently no rumors circulating regarding the Google Pixel Watch 3’s price. Nonetheless, the p—canous two iterations—which have been consistent thus far—can provide some clarification.

The original Pixel Watch was priced at $349 for the Wi-Fi model and $399 for the LTE model. The Pixel Watch 2 costs $349 for Wi-Fi and $399 for LTE connection.

We don’t anticipate Google being much different from most smartwatches on the market right now, including those made by Alikely, which start at this average price. The cost of the Pixel Watch 3 will likely go up a little, but nothing has indicated that this will happen.

How about Software?

Wear OS 4, presently running on the Pixel Watch 2, is largely similar to Wear OS 3.5. Wear OS 5 for the Pixel Watch 3 should be released later this year since both Google and Samsung have been developing it. The foundation of Wear OS 5 will be Android 14. We should anticipate the same with the Pixel Watch 3, as the Pixel Watch 2’s health and fitness tracking mainly depended on Fitbit integration.

It’s good that the Pixel Watch 2 will receive software updates for at least three years. Support for the Pixel Watch 3 should be on par with, if not somewhat superior.

Final Words

The remarkable thing about Pixel watch 3 is that not a single leak or source has indicated that Google is developing a smartwatch in the middle price bracket. We have yet to see a trimmed-down Pixel Watch, but it might satisfy the market need for consumers seeking inexpensive wearables from Fitbit or Google. The latter is an additional option. There is an opportunity for less expensive hardware because nothing in the current Fitbit smartwatch catalog on the official website costs less than $200.

The company may use Google I/O 2024 to showcase its most recent low-cost devices, with the high-end models set to debut in the fall. More information regarding Google’s enigmatic wristwatch may become available in the upcoming weeks.