CES 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Technology

The largest technology trade exhibition in the world, CES 2024, has officially begun. This gigantic tech and gadget expo showcases thousands of new consumer electronics products, services, and unique gadgets. There have been debuts in several categories this year, including tablets, wearable technology, smart homes, computers, desktop computers, health, and fitness.

Although the event has evolved, it is still a sizable get-together in the Nevada desert, where some incredibly cool new technology is shown. It’s frequently the place where fantastic laptops, the newest TVs, and audio technology are unveiled. So, here’s what you need to know as CES 2024 gets going.

What is the Purpose of CES 2024?

In tech, one major show kicks off each year. CES, organized by the Consumer Technology Association. It is well-known not just for taking place in the sinful city of Las Vegas but also for being centered around items that everyday people like you and me would use. CES or “Consumer Electronics Show” represents the hottest tech innovations of the day and can shape the direction of the industry for months to come.

When Does It Take Place?

The official CES 2024 dates were January 9–12. However, we have seen many press releases in the weeks leading up to the performance. The Pocket-lint newsfeed’s CES 2024 section already has a ton of coverage.

Last year, there was a focus on accessibility and a startling number of things you were required to pee on or into. This year, we expect many devices that assist people with mobility issues and hearing impairments, but we also expect some new trends to make headlines.

Who was Present at CES 2024?

As an industry gathering, CES is not open to the public. However, anyone with ties to the consumer electronics sector can apply for a pass. 2019 had almost 182,000 attendees, packing the venue to capacity. This comprised about 7,000 media representatives and over 4,000 businesses. The CTA anticipates more than 3,500 firms will present at CES 2024, drawing in over 150,000 industry visitors.

What Was Revealed?

Weeks before the pre-show festivities were even scheduled to start, media members received pre-briefs from companies that had a presence on the CES floor. Numerous news items have already been added to the Pocket-lint feed. Here’s where you can catch up if you haven’t:

Here are some updates from our staff regarding what to anticipate from CES 2024 Las Vegas, along with a summary of the announcements made in the lead-up to the event.

1. News about TVs and Accessories from the 2024 CES

  • With the promise of five years of software updates, LG unveiled its newest QNED TVs for the year before the Times Square ball drop. Additionally, LG is now offering its largest-ever range of high-end OLED TVs. The LG Dukebox speaker features a transparent OLED touch display and vacuum tubes for extra bling.
  • On the other hand, Samsung offers OLED and Neo QLED TVs in its 2024 series. The addition of a new The Frame TV and the Premiere wireless 8K projector is also enhancing its lifestyle offering. About The Frame, the Music Frame display-speaker hybrid could have excellent sound quality and aesthetic appeal.
  • The newest CES 2024 buzz is transparent OLED TVs, which LG and Samsung display on the exhibit floor.
  • After the success of its Roku Select and TV series, the business is back at it with a new lineup of its own-brand Pro series.

2. News on Mobile Technology

  • With the most recent ROG Phone 8 series, Asus walks the tightrope between phones and mobile gaming.
  • Maker of audio gear, Urbanista is promoting two updates to its array of solar-powered products. While the Phoenix over-ears are more robust, the Los Angeles over-ears should be comfier. Under the sun, both can maintain their charge.
  • Like Clicks, many hardware startups got their start at CES. The startup, led by Michael Fisher and others, sells an iPhone case with an integrated physical keyboard that resembles a BlackBerry for optimal battery life.

3. News about Games

  • The Claw, the company’s first portable console, was released by MSI and was the first to use Intel’s Core Ultra technology.
  • The $200 Next Lite console from outside brand Ayaneo is the next in its line of gaming handhelds; it runs Linux so that you can install SteamOS.
  • Online gaming platform Nvidia GeForce Now amasses a collection of Blizzard games and provides day passes for infrequent gamers.
  • The Xbox Series S toaster is what you need if you want the Xbox logo pressed onto your toast. Regards, Microsoft.

4. More Technology Updates

  • Honda teases the release of its new Zero line of electric cars in 2026, offering us another interpretation of the Blade Runner concept for autos.
  • Clear conference calls may be had with the AnkerWork S600 Speakerphone, whether you’re purchasing it for your home office or workplace.
  • Although Nanoleaf is most known for its smart lighting for indoor usage, it also offers a few new items for outdoor use.
  • Taskmasters should know the Rabbit R1, a $200 generative AI device that functions similarly to a Pip-Boy and should help you manage your life.
  • Asus’s new AirVision display-embedded glasses aren’t intended to be a full-fledged mixed-reality headset but it is okay. However, they should enable users to work as efficiently as those wearing

Only some things in the enormous exhibition that fills several conference rooms relate to the devices you wear, carry, and use on your PC. This episode also explores the future of transportation and electric vehicles (EVs). And there are some fascinating new releases in this area, such as personal aircraft and cutting-edge scooters.

Final Words

For many companies, CES 2024 is the first chance to exhibit their upcoming products and cutting-edge technologies. Even while major names predominate, smaller businesses can present their amazing discoveries or goods that, to be honest, might not see the light of day again.