Barceló Funchal Oldtown: A Luxurious Escape in Madeira

If you plan to visit Portugal’s Madeira, then Barceló Funchal Oldtown should be your destination. This place is the ultimate haven of contemporary luxury. It is located amidst the vibrant tapestry and cobbled streets of Funchal’s Old Town. This 5-star property offers its visitors an unforgettable Madeiran experience. The rich heritage of this island perfectly blends with the modern comfort of Barceló Funchal Oldtown.

Whether you are looking forward to having a sun-kissed escape, being a history buff, or being a leisure traveler, visiting Barceló Funchal Oldtown will be the best place to see. Keep reading to get a comprehensive, detailed description of this hotel for your next stay. 


The location of Barceló Funchal Oldtowni is one of the main things that attracts visitors. This hotel is located in the heart of Funchal in South Madeira. You can reach the sea from this hotel within 5 minutes. 

There are a lot of shops and restaurants on the doorstep of Barceló Funchal Oldtown. A cathedral is also there, just 100 m away. The Old Town and Funchal Market are just a 15-minute walk from this place.

Barceló Funchal Oldtown: Modern Design and Luxurious Comfort

Upon visiting Barceló Funchal Oldtown, you will be greeted with its modern elegance and ambiance. This place has all kinds of luxurious amenities and offers serenity for your mental peace. The carefully designed air-conditioned rooms of the hotel come with style and comfort. The spacious accommodations will be more than enough to fulfill all your needs. 

If you wish to have an elevated experience, you should opt for superior rooms with balconies at Barceló Funchal Oldtown. These premium rooms offer a breathtaking panoramic view of the city’s vibrant heart. Waking up to the gentle hum of Funchal awakening or indulging in an evening aperitif on your private balcony while the sun dips below the horizon will be a unique and astonishing experience for you altogether. 

Rooms Options

There are different types of rooms available at Barceló Funchal Oldtown, according to your needs and preferences.

Deluxe Double

This Barcelo Madeira room is for two people. It has a king-size bed or two twin beds and an attached bathroom with complimentary toiletries. The room also includes air conditioning, ironing facilities, baths, WiFi, a TV, room service, and tea and coffee facilities. Staying in this room will be a comfortable experience. 

Deluxe Double City View

This is also for two people. You can choose this room to get fantastic city views. This room features a comfortable king-size bed. It also has a full bathroom with toiletries and an air conditioning system. You will truly have an amazing time here. It also has other amenities like tea and coffee facilities, a separate shower, a TV, Wi-Fi, etc. 

Family Room

This room at Barcelo Portugal is for four people. It features a king-size bed, two twin beds, and a sofa bed to accommodate all the people staying here. This spacious room is perfect for a family. Like other rooms, it has all the other facilities and amenities. 

Junior Suite

This room can accommodate three people. If you want to feel relaxed, choose this beautiful ensuite bathroom room. Its spacious living area is decorated in muted tones. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic time here. This room also features all the other amenities, like AC, TV, WiFi, etc.


The suite can accommodate four people and features a separate bedroom and living room. From the comfort of your room, you can enjoy a fantastic view. Its king-size bed ensures comfort. This is a premium room that is loaded with so many features, and amenities. 


Apart from the spacious rooms with modern design and aesthetic decoration, Barceló Funchal Oldtown offers several facilities and amenities to its visitors. 


This luxurious hotel offers a few in-house restaurants. These restaurants are the best places to spend your leisure time. 

A Bordadeira Restaurant

This restaurant was named after the women who used to do embroidery work here many years ago. It offers a comprehensive breakfast menu to treat your taste buds. The breakfast buffet is surrounded by the original paintings that were used for embroidery. Having your breakfast will be a pleasant experience. 

Noz Café Restaurant

This modern a la carte restaurant is an excellent place for all-day dining. It offers so many food options. Go to its amazing outdoor terrace for a beautiful lunch or buffet dinner. There are so many local and international food items to choose from. 

Atelier Lobby

This is an in-house lobby at Barceló Funchal Oldtown. So many visitors spend their evenings here grabbing their favorite drinks. There is a 100-year-old structure in this place. This place was recovered from an embroidery factory in the past. You can try some of the best drinks offered here. The prices are reasonable. Meeting new people here is also an option. 

Beach and Pools

If you wish to swim or spend time in the waters, you must not forget to check out the pool of Barceló Funchal Oldtown. This rooftop swimming pool lets you have an excellent pool session that you will not forget. This heated pool can make you relaxed and feel fresh. The view from this pool is quite extraordinary. 

Fitness Centre

If you wish to exercise and stay fit at Barceló Funchal Oldtown, you can visit its in-house fitness center, which is equipped with all the modern fitness tools and equipment. Therefore, you can be on vacation and can still do your workouts to stay in shape. 

All these facilities make it one of the best Funchal Old Town Hotels. Therefore, you have many good reasons to choose this place for your next stay.

Dining Delicacy: Treat Your Taste Buds

Barceló Funchal Oldtown offers so many delicious food options that you will never run out of options. There are innumerable dining options for you to consider. The on-site restaurant of this hotel provides you with plenty of delectable dishes. The professional and skilled chefs create the ultimate symphony of flavors to exhibit their international and regional cuisines. 


Start your day with a king-size breakfast. A delightful breakfast automatically lifts your mood. The in-house restaurant features various hot dishes, pastries, and local produce.

If you like continental breakfast, you can order breads, cereals, pastries, cheese, fruits, or cold cuts. Hot breakfast offers beans, bacon, sausages, eggs, tomatoes, and other typical hot breakfast items. 

If you wish to try the regional breakfast, you can choose from “Bolo do Caco” (sweet potato bread), “Espremado” (fried cornmeal mush), or “Meladeria” (molasses cookies). Melons, bananas, pineapples, and other seasonal fruits are among the fruits. The drinks include milk, juice, tea, and coffee.


The lunch menu at Barceló Funchal Oldtown also offers a wide variety of food options. You can try the A La Carte, which serves a variety of dishes. If you want to try Madeiran Cuisine, try specialties like “Espada à Madeirense” (scabbard fish with banana), “Lapas” (limpets cooked with garlic butter), or “Prego no Bolo do Caco” (steak sandwich on sweet potato bread).

Among international dishes, you can try salads, pasta, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and similar food items as per your preference. 


Like breakfast and lunch, dinner offers many options. You can try specialties like “Espada à Madeirense” (scabbard fish with banana), or “Bolo do Caco” sandwiches with various fillings.

The hotel also offers several fusion dishes that combine Madeiran ingredients with international influences.

The Old Town Funchal Madeira hotel also offers international dinner options, such as pizzas, pasta, and salads, according to your preferences and needs. 


Apart from the main meals, you can order snacks whenever you wish. Munching on light snacks while sitting on the terrace of Barceló Funchal Oldtown and enjoying the panoramic vistas will be an amazing experience. 

Take a tour of barceló funchal oldtown here.


Staying at Barceló Funchal Oldtown will be a fantastic experience. Apart from enjoying your stay at the hotel, you can also explore the surrounding places near the hotel. The prime location is easily accessible. The world-class facilities and amenities will blow your mind. You can explore all the surrounding areas in Funchal Old Town.

Despite all these, the prices at Barceló Funchal Oldtown are pretty decent. It is worth staying in this hotel to have an awesome experience. If you check the reviews and feedback given on their websites, most of them are positive.